La Gemmes Root Massager – Rose Quartz


La Gemmes Root Rose QuartzHand crafted and high quality, ethically produced premium gemstone toys from La Gemmes

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Versatile, beautiful, sustainable

Beautiful and Precious.

Every one of La Gemmes’ delightful crystal toys is handmade from real crystal or semi-precious stones. As such, colours vary slightly, and no two are ever the same. They refer to them as “Gifts from Mother Earth”, and I have been assured by the manufacturer that they are sustainably, ethically sourced and crafted.

“Root” is sold as a massager, and would be a beautiful gift along with some lovely massage oil or a massage candle like the pretty little Petits Joujoux ones I have in stock. They are beautifully packaged and please, forgive me the cellophane wrap on these – I don’t want to disturb it just to take photos, so a stock pic will have to do!

Rose Quartz is considered to represent universal love, exuding vibes of peace, harmony and equilibrium. It’s supposed to be good for healing emotional trauma too. As well as that, it’s just plain pretty, okay? Yes, the gemstone toys are expensive, but a little luxury is no bad thing occasionally. And these toys really do feel luxurious; they are heavy, shimmering and obviously quality.

Size: Around 14cm long.. Weighs approx 240g

Care: To clean it, use hot soapy water and nothing abrasive (a soft sponge or cloth will do the job).

La Gemmes Root Rose Quartz unpacked on plain background
Weight0.250 kg
Dimensions15 × 8 × 4 cm

Willow, Wood




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