Uberlube “Good-to-Go” travel set


Uberlube Good to Go Uberlube premium silicone lubricant in stylish and useful travel sets. Available in a range of colours.

The best silicone lube out there, shifted up a gear

Uberlube is one of my best sellers – people love that it’s a high-quality, versatile lubricant, plus it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and the glass bottles are recyclable.

Their travel sets are even more stylish – you get a smart metal holder which protects your glass refill (available here!) so the whole thing is easy to chuck in a weekend bag, keep in the car, sling in with your gym kit etc.

The travel holders are not labelled – there’s just a discreet little “U” on the lid, so no-one will guess that it’s lube if they spot it. It looks like a stylish perfume bottle. Comes in a range of colours too.

Size: Extremely compact. Refills 25ml

Wipe the bottle clean if necessary.

Uberlube Good to Go travel system Silver
Uberlube Good to Go travel system Silver

Eco Friendly

Fragrance free, colour free, paraben free

Uberlube are specialists. They just make lube – that’s all they do, and that means that what they make is the best lube out there. In these stylish, discreet travel sets you get a cute metal holder as well as a 25ml bottle of lube. When you buy the refills, you get a two-bottle set.

A little really does go a long way with Uberlube, and it’ll go even further when you take it with you!

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Silver, Pink, Red


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