Petits Joujoux Massage Candle – A Trip to the Orient


Petits Joujoux massage candle A Trip t the OrientA Trip to the Orient – a seductive and spicy blend of pomegranate and white pepper. Indulge in a spot of luxury with these scented candles that have an added bonus – they’re a sensual massage balm too!

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Handmade in Germany

These candles come in a cute recyclable tin. You light the candle, wait for a little bit of the “wax” (actually solidified oil) to melt, let it cool a little then pour it into your hand to use as a massage oil.

They are made from a combination of moisturising natural oils including jojoba and shea butter. As a result they are completely cruelty-free and completely vegan.

Note: as this product is oil based, don’t use it alongside latex condoms.

43ml, about the size of a small soap – so discreet enough for travelling, or will tuck away in your bedside drawer. 6 hours burn time.

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